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  • Say2Play™ 2.0 Just Released!! Click on Features and Community for all the Info!
  • Add Voice Control to your favorite PC games!
  • Use a pre-built game template, customize it or create your own from scratch
  • Use voice commands to augment your gameplay and get that competitive edge by keeping your hands on the mouse and movement keys
  • You don't have to memorize hundreds of key combinations to play keyboard intensive games like MMO and RTS
  • MMORPG Gamers can use Emotes and preset Chat responses without even touching your keyboard!
  • Setup a hotkey that mutes the Say2Play™ Voice Recognition Engine so you can use your favorite Voice Chat software
  • No setup or voice training required
  • Select the game you want to Say2Play™, print the command sheet and start using:
  • The Weapon of Voice™!













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